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Moving to the cloud and security considerations

The cloud offers an excellent solution for small businesses allowing them to scale their infrastructure and keep pace with their growing business. The cloud is ideal for small businesses as it is affordable, fast, and flexible. While the cloud offers some low cost IT software and solutions for small business there are some key consideration that you need to consider.


  1. Is my use of the cloud in line with external legislations

  2. Does the cloud service meet data privacy and compliance requirements?

  3. What level of service can the cloud provide my business

  4. Ensure that the SLA (service-level agreement) has clauses on response times, business continuity and disaster recovery.

  5. Who is responsible for software upgrades

  6. Who has access to the data

Small businesses need to be extra vigilant because 43% of cyber attacks are targeted at small businesses.

Some IT Security checklist items to consider:

  • Password best practices

  • Limit system access

    • User on-boarding and off-boarding

    • Permissions, passwords and other safety, security and administrative rules

    • Shared folders, disk quotas, and granting/reducing access rights to data, systems, and applications

    • Database management and access

  • Secure WiFi network and devices

    • Use of external USB and hard drives

    • Policy for cleaning infected machines

    • Physical security of IT equipment

    • VPN

  • Use legitimate software

  • Acceptable use policy

  • Ensure that the latest updates and patches are applied

  • Disaster recovery

  • Training and workshops

    • FAQs

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